My name is Trinity Alcazar!

Hobbies: I love Acting and I’m currently in Adv. Drama at my school! I also love doing backflips, dancing, and singing! I’ve been in Grease, Mulan, and in Hairspray! I love musical theater. I also love making funny covers to songs and posting them on my youtube channel, MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Goals: My main goal is to become an actress when I’m older. I have some steps that I need to achieve to reach that goal. I will be making some steps that even you guys can follow for different career paths! I also hope to have a thriving youtube channel one day!

Weird habits: I tend to freak people out by trying to be everyones friend! I will sometimes go up to random people and just start having a full on conversation with them, I’m extremely outgoing! I also tend to pick up other people habits, for example me and all my friends talk and laugh and sound so much alike because we like morph into each other!