Growing in Religion

My religion is Christianity, and It’s something I’m very proud of. Religion has been in my life since birth. I grew up in a Methodist church practically all my life. I understood what was being taught to me, and I never questioned it. It’s just something that stuck with me. I never really strengthened my faith until about 3rd grade. I heard about this church camp that a bunch of kids from my church went to called, Wrightwood. It was a cute place in the mountains. The first year I went, I was going into 4th grade, that summer. Let me just say, that was the most life changing week, I instantly made friends, memories, and felt like I grew closer to God. From that moment on I knew I belonged there. I’ve been going to that camp every summer since then, this year it will be 8 years of going. Every summer I learn something knew. We sing the most fun camp songs, and have the silliest traditions! We have heart to heart conversations we do stations that make you question your own religion and faith, and we have these fun debates that question the Bible. Does Hell exist? What’s free will? These kind of debates make you think so hard and really find the root of your faith. I’ve made some of the greatest friends at this church camp. My best friend Brooke has been there with me since day one, I love her so much and we would always make dance routines and perform them in the camp Talent show, some of my greatest memories are with her. The funny thing is, my two friends Peyton and Zac I’ve been with for 2 summers… so in reality I’ve spent two weeks out if my entire life with them, yet those weeks are equivalent to a lifetime. I have such a special bond with my camp friends that is like no other bond. Another amazing bond I have is with my camp counselor Brad. He makes camp 10 times more fun and not only is he my counselor but he is literally one of my best friends! I met him my first summer when I was an itty bitty 3rd grader, and now I’m in high school and just growing up and knowing him on more of a friend level is so cool! Another inspiration is my counselor Broghan who is always challenging my knowledge… teaching me and guiding me. She is such an incredible thinker and is constantly blowing my mind! Her bible stories are the greatest and I could just listen to her talking about the Bible and religion for hours! She is one of the most inspirational people I know, and has taught me so much I can’t say thanks enough. Nothing can compare to this special life changing camp. Without Wrightwood, I don’t know where I would be today.


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